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‘Black Panther’ Fans Are Asking For Klaue’s Mix Tape


Black Panther is making big inroads into the pop-culture and inspiring various amazing as well as out of the box responses from fans. Apart from Wakanda theme fashion shows, fan art and the typical debates about the position of MCU, there is another thing that the fans are keen to see: Ulysses Klaue’s mixtape!…

Netflix Unveils Lost in Space’ Reboot Trailer


The initial teaser trailer for the Lost in Space reboot has been released by Netflix.

You can watch the teaser above, and it reveals that the series is going to debut on April 13th.

According to the teaser, the upcoming adaptation of Lost in Space will depict the Robinson family, including the young Will Robinson, undertake a mission to find a new home for humanity because Earth is on the verge of becoming uninhabitable.…

Marvel Has Kind Of Messed Up Its Phase 3 Timeline


The epic conclusion of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is not far away, but the timeline is much distorted. In fact, Phase 3 of the MCU has been the most out-of-order run of movies yet.

Marvel Studios have made many highly rated successful Marvel movies.…

‘Black Panther’ Fans Demand More M’Baku


Nobody could have imagined that the partly villainous character of M’Baku would go on to become one of the biggest fan-favorites from Black Panther?

At the time of the release of Black Panther, fans hoped to be impressed by characters such as Shuri (Letitia Wright), Killmonger (Michael B.…

Shazam Actor Replied With A Picture To Destroy The ‘Hate’ That His Suit Got For Fake Muscles, Here’s What Happened


Comic book movie fans can be hypercritical when scrutinizing superhero costumes. So when we got our first glimpse at Zachary Levi’s Shazamfans were quick to criticize what appeared to be a padded muscle suit. Zachary Levi responded to those comments in a brilliant way, by letting fans know just how fake those muscles were.…

Future Marvel Projects Which Will Be Exciting To Watch


At the time of Marvel Cinematic Universe’s start, it benefitted from being simpler and more systematic compared to the comics; it was inspired by. That made things easy for new audiences to become fans of superheroes such as Iron-Man and Captain America without a need to get updated by diving into the numerous old comic books.…

10 Things In Marvel’s Black Panther That No One Understands


Black Panther is the new revolutionary blockbuster film that has become the highest rated comic book movie ever. It also stands to become the biggest grossing Superhero origin film of all time. Still, the movie had some details that made no sense at all.…

Black Panther’s Villainous Killmonger Is Now The Best MCU Villain In History


Black Panther has just shattered box office records everywhere and has paved the way for a wave of new Marvel comics’ characters. Of all the breakout performances in Black Panther, the one which stood out is Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger.…

A New Infinity War Trailer May Be Coming Our Way


A second official trailer for the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War is expected to release on Good Morning America. As of now Black Panther continues to dominate the box office charts this week and looks most likely to continue in the weeks to come.…

The Script Is Ready For Dragonball Evolution’s Sequel!


Dragonball Evolution is something which is not discussed among the Dragon Ball fans. The live-action debacle first arrived in 2009, and it is all but a consolidated portrayal of what all things give Hollywood a terrible reputation in the anime world.…