10 Things In Marvel’s Black Panther That No One Understands


Black Panther is the new revolutionary blockbuster film that has become the highest rated comic book movie ever. It also stands to become the biggest grossing Superhero origin film of all time. Still, the movie had some details that made no sense at all. Here is a list.

1. Nakia grabs only one Heart Shaped Herb

The Heart Shaped Herb gives T’Challa the superhuman strength and abilities that he possesses even without the suit. In the movie, Kilmonger orders every single Herb to be burnt down after he overthrows T’Challa. Nakia, however, manages to grab a Herb and give it to M’Baku supposedly. The thing that does not board well with the fans is why would she grab just one when she had the opportunity to have at least 2 or 3 of those. The film makes it look as though there wasn’t enough time to do that, but she could have got more, and had it saved for the future.

2. T’Challa surviving the fall

There is a scene in the movie where Killmonger throws T’Challa into the Waterfall. Given the height of that Waterfall T’Challa could not have survived the fall. Also, T’Challa did not have the powers of the Herb so how did he survive?

3. Snow Keeps T’Challa Alive

When the fishermen find T’Challa and bring him to M’Baku, he keeps him on ice and states that if they take his body out of the snow, he will die within moments. Given the amount of cold, and a fall from that height, it should have frozen T’Challa to death, and not kept him alive instead.

4. Killmonger knowledge  that the Artefact was Vibranium

The scene where Killmoger looks at various African artifacts in a Natural History Museum and pretends to be curious about the artifacts, even though he knew one of them was made up of Vibranium. He might have been an expert on African Artefacts but how would he have known that the particular artifact was in fact Vibranium?

5. Why would Black Panther leave his tech behind?

Everywhere that Black Panther goes, he used various technological gadgets to fulfill his missions. He threw Vibranium jammers on cars in Nigeria and used a special Vibranium controller on a Lexus in Korea so that Shuri could drive it. But once the mission is over, Black Panther leaves for Wakanda leaving behind the Vibranium technology. Wakanda is known to hide its advanced technology from the rest of the world, so how would the world react to finding these gadgets.

6. How did Killmonger get to Wakanda      

Killmonger had a master plan to go to Wakanda after reading his father’s journals how did he know the entry point to the hidden country? He even asks Klaue to take him to Wakanda but kills him before that.

7. The Jabari is vegetarian!

When Nakia, Shuri, Ramonda, and Ross go to M’Baku to ask for help in finding  T’Challa, he threatens to feed them to his children. Then he jokes saying- “I’m just kidding, we are vegetarians.”  Considering these people wear animal fur and the climatic conditions that they live in are not sustainable for growing food, they would have to live on animals. Also, the one who saves T’Challa is a fisherman himself, so the vegetarian joke did not make sense.

8. Everyone Speaks English In Wakanda

The thing that does not make much sense here is how every person in the Wakanda tribe spoke English Fluently.They used it as their main language to converse rather than using some African dialect.

9. Why Wouldn’t the CIA just try to arrest Klaue

The CIA is known for purchasing things from criminals in the past, and yet they became the highest bidder of a deal that would alienate their situation with the Wakandans. Instead, if they already knew a world renown criminal on the loose, then they should have dropped the deal and simply arrested Klaue anyway.

10. Klaue Barely Ages

In the movie, there is no difference between Ulysses Klaue from the 90s and the present look he has. The only physical change seen is his white hair whereas, in the case of Zuri and T’Ckaka, they have aged like anything, going from James McAvoy to Patrick Stewart!