Why Bill Nye Calls Star Trek Is Better Than Star Wars?


It is one of the mightiest pop culture battles of the day. To decide which is better Star Wars or Star Trek? The titles are similar, and both are based in inter-galactic space. Both started appearing on the big screen in the late 1970s and have gone on to become massive franchises in the pop culture. Almost everybody has an opinion about which one is superior. Billi Nye also has his own opinion, but, considering that he is a scientist, it is not difficult to figure out which one he likes more.

Bill Nye is totally in support of Star Trek team. It is easy to understand why. Although one of the franchises uses concepts that at least have a scientific base, but, the other is greatly a mystical concept. There is no science behind ‘The Force.’

Star Wars has magic in it! The Force is like a ghost or magic or religion. [Star Trek is] an optimistic view of the future with science. Anti-matter contained in magnetic fields, real physics… [in Star Wars] there’s an invisible thing that has superpowers, but in Star Trek, they didn’t do that.

It doesn’t shock us to find out what makes Bill Nye feel this. Star Trek has science as a key element of its fiction. Although a good bit of the story is still too much to believe, they at least endeavor to keep things grounded within the ambit of real science. Star Wars never pays too much attention to that. Both feature spaceships capable of going faster than the speed of light, Star Wars has never even explained how it is possible.

Despite Star Wars having ships allowing interplanetary travel, most of the story seems to belong to the ‘fantasy’ genre rather than ‘science fiction.’ As stated by Nye, Star Wars relies on magic, which is what The Force is. While we don’t have an issue with that, it is just an altogether different story. We must say that Bill Nye is totally dismissive of that. If you watch this interview with Rolling Stone, you will find that he sounds almost contemptuous of the Star Wars.

We would be delighted to further ask about his opinion on the trailer for the upcoming Star Trek film. It hardly resembled a Star Trek film that even the co-writer and actor Simon Pegg was critical of it. We need to wait and watch if Nye’s opinion of Star Trek is validated by the new Star Trek film.

It is just the kind of question which would have been apt for Uma Thurman to ask John Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Are you a Star Trek lover or Star Wars lover? You might be a fan of both. A lot of people are. However, just like Elvis or Beetles, you are likely to have a stronger preference for one of them.