These guys are absolutely crazy! We must let them make one of the upcoming Star Wars films!

One of the biggest complaints faced by Star Wars prequels was that it gave us no opportunity to see how nasty Darth Maul truly was. The brief glimpse of Darth Maul seen in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace was restricted to some holograms, a few seconds on Tatooine, and the last battle replete with CGI, which made it impossible to recall what was happening there. In our opinion, we really wish to see some more of him riding his space mobility scooter.

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Since it has two sunsets, it is not easy to decide when the early bird specials on Tatooine start.

The YouTube channel T7 Productions is probably in agreement with the absence of Darth Maul and chose to create a fantastic short film – DARTH  MAUL Apprentice, which would destroy most of the live-action lightsaber duels. Based in a pre-Star Wars Episode I period, Maul is located on a planet to get trained, spend time monitoring communications and practicing with blaster droids continuously firing at him.

The short film then shows Maul an alert about a Jedi arriving on the planet and goes after them to guard his solitude. We must remember that prior to The Phantom Menace, the Jedi believed that the sequence was good enough to embarrass some of the real films. The short film is shot brilliantly and tells a story which might not have been expected of the Maul seen in the films. Before the elimination of the last living Jedi, there is a bit of humanity on display as he hesitated before making the last kill, totally aware that he was under the watchful gaze of Emperor Palpatine. It is revealed that this was the last test he had to give before formally becoming the Emperor’s apprentice.