DC Will Cancel Supergirl Comics By April


The Supergirl series from DC is set to be canceled with the final issue in April and writer, Steve Orlando has confirmed this on Twitter.

The series was absent from the solicitation which was released earlier from the publisher. In May, DC is also set to cancel the Batgirl and the Birds of Prey and Super-Sons and while April will witness Supergirl’s end.

“While the story that began in Supergirl: Rebirth concludes in #20, I couldn’t be more grateful for what we’ve accomplished in Supergirl,” Orlando had tweeted.

“Wherever Kara goes next will be amazing! Thank you all for your incredible support, for this singular run, and to my co-creators and editors! It has been an honor, and a pleasure, to add new layers and moments to Kara’s world. And I can’t wait to show you what’s coming next with The Unexpected! I could not be luckier to work with Ryan Sook and Cary Nord, making the biggest comics I’ve been part of yet!”

It is not clear is this series is coming to an end because of the sales numbers or if it is clearing a path for Bendis’s take on the Superman mythos.

While Bendis said that his run would not ignore Peter J. Tomasi (Superman) and Dan Jurgens (Action Comics) runs which had preceded it, cancellations of Super Sons and Supergirl does paint a picture of a lean Superman office with just two voices-

Bendis and Gene Luen Yang.

This series was launched at the beginning of DC’s Rebirth initiative in May of 2016 and resembled the Supergirl TV show.

Supergirl #20 will hit the shelves on April 11.

The official solicitation:

Supergirl #20


Art and cover by ROBSON ROCHA

Variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU

Supergirl must fight both Mokkari and the out-of-dimension Viking Judge to save Director Bones from the fury of the Viking’s magical ax! Meanwhile, with Director Bones out of the picture, Cameron Chase and Lar-On must break into the D.E.O. to save Veritas before the clock counts down to zero and the psycho-redactor erases her memories forever!