Don’t Forget To Visit The Star Wars–Themed Bar In NYC


Star Wars: The Last Jedi released in December and people are still reacting to this movie. And so, let us not forget the Soho pop-up bar which is dedicated to the Dark Side of the Force. Reservations are $33 per person and walk-ins are $40.

While it might may have restored the balance to the Force, the feel is off-kilter vibe which hard to read. There is a DJ who can blend Luke Skywalker’s screeds with The Eurhythmics’s “Sweet Dreams” and Darth Vader’s one-liners with The Police’s “Every Breath You Take.”

This pairs pretty well with the Comic-Con kitsch of cocktails garnished with ice cubes and dry ice fog. And there is sadness in seeing the cantina customers take photos with a sexy stormtrooper.

We would rather roll the dice with Mos Eisley’s hive of scum than reorder the cantina’s $14 snack platter. But a few drinks had really delivered: especially the Jedi Mind Trick (a Midori spin on a Long Island Iced Tea) and Red Sphere. This drink tastes like throwback fruit punch (peach liqueur, cherry vodka, and fruit juice).

The bar includes a trivia night, “intergalactic burlesque,” and “alien speed dating”. This has been explained as:

“People come dressed as ‘aliens’ from the extended universe and try to match based on their love and or knowledge of the Star Wars universe. The fun is that with the makeup or costumes they won’t really know what each other looks like.”