Here’s Why Black Panther Must Become The Next MCU Leader


Black Panther is now being staged to change the MCU forever. Its ticket sales are showing an unprecedented excitement for Marvel’s latest solo movie, and the film has brought together the greatest talents in acting, music and directing. There is a sense that the film may be a game changer for all superhero movies like the Avengers: Infinity War. It is also possible that it may be the start of a huge shift in the franchise’s dynamics. Looking back at the past 10 years of Marvel movies, we know that something will be changing soon. And here is why Black Panther should be the change and lead these movies:

The MCU Needs a New Leader

Marvel Studios is being been led by a major trio of superheroes: Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. But the other two have not been more important than Iron Man. Tony Stark had launched this franchise and was the one to introduce the concept of an Avengers film in the first place. Iron Man connected all of our heroes. Yes, Captain America may be the Avengers’ hear, but it was Iron Man who was the brains and money. It looks like many of the actors are taking a less active role or retiring. Chris Evans has started directing his own projects, and Robert Downey Jr. is now producing his movies. Downey Jr. is the most expensive star in the world. And it is unlikely that we will see more Iron Man movies and his cameos might become less prevalent.

Marvel Studios really does need a replacement for Iron Man. Even if Iron Man or Nick Fury do actually stick around, we need a more present hero to lead the way, and he should be Black Panther.

Reasons on the Screen

An obvious reason is that he is a natural leader. T’Challa is the king, and he earns this title in every way. Before becoming a worldwide superhero, he led the scientific advancement of a whole nation. His interest is in protecting his nation and upholding the welfare of his people. And this is where a superhero’s focus must be. He guides thousands of people to achieve these ends in Wakanda. Black Panther has the planning and strategic strengths like Nick Fury, and there is no better person than him to guide the Avengers.

Being a leader is not the only key to filling Iron Man’s shoes. After the events of Captain America: Civil War and Black Panther, Wakanda stepped onto the world stage and T’Challa is the king who will be there to lead. The nation is technologically advanced and will be a crucial component of global peace and strategy. Wakanda’s end of isolationism means that Black Panther’s interests have to expand to protect the whole world.

Leading Wakanda gave him the resources which were necessary to guide the Avengers and help the new superheroes in development. Finding a new base is simple when the riches of a nation are at his disposal. The vibranium-based technology of Wakanda means that T’Challa has a lot to offer just like Tony Stark. Whether he is leading the Avengers after Infinity War or will make a cameo and offer input, Black Panther’s presence will extend across Marvel movies.

Reasons Behind the Screen

Black Panther is a great leader on screen, and he is a great model for what Marvel Studios’ movies can be in the future. In the first three phases of the MCU, there were changes to the model of how their movies were produced. A few bumps along the way had occurred during the first phase and the directors, and other figures had butted heads. But these were ironed out in the second and third phases. A studio-driven model became familiar, and the equation is now too apparent in the current scripts. Black Panther is surely poised to shake things up.

Ryan Coogler seems to have been given much more control of Black Panther than any director after Jon Favreau. Casting, costuming, set design, and the music fall outside of the norms at Marvel Studios. There is a clear vision for Black Panther, and this really seems to stem from Coogler.

Black Panther has embraced the diversity within every aspect of the production. The world which is conceived looks unique, and the creators BTS have taken a lot of influences from Africa and have created a very special cultural atmosphere for Wakanda. Black Panther is the film which has proven that diversity is not desirable for its own sake, but profitable.

Chadwick Boseman coupled with a director-driven and diverse movie reveals that Marvel Studios has a whole lot of room for exploration and expansion.