Jessica Chastain Might Join ‘IT’ Sequel


Ending long months of speculation, Jessica Chastain is now officially talking about joining the IT sequel based on the Stephen King’s novel, as the grown-up Beverly.

Variety alerts us that these are early days for the talks, but, Chastain’s name has been doing rounds for a long time, and she as well as Idris Elba had shown interest in being a part of the movie sometime back.

What makes it more interesting is that IT actress Sophia Lillis had told during last year’s San Diego Comic-Con about how she wanted Chastain to play her character. That particular scene can be watched in the video above!

Chastain’s involvement with the cast should not be difficult as she had assisted IT director Andy Muschietti storm into the horror film world when she starred in his highly acclaimed 2013 movie Mama. Chastain is now a renowned actress, and she was instrumental in ensuring that the 2013 film scared the audiences, and she has only garnered more praise with time. She has dominated the awards season this year courtesy her performance in Aaron Sorkin’s movie Molly’s Game.

The other thing is that Chastain is now entering the big-budget genre franchise domain. IT would land her a part in one of the most successful horror franchises running, however, she is also set to play two comic book film roles at present: one is the role of an alien villain in X-Men: Dark Phoenix this year, and the lead role of Painkiller Jane in an adaptation of the same title, which is reportedly under development.

The IT: Part 2 will appeal to a lot of top actors, more so if Chastain joins the cast. The film will be based on the second half of the Stephen King novel which will take a time leap of several years depicting “The Losers Club” as adults with their own families, and are compelled to return to Derry, Maine, to have another face off with Pennywise The Clown.Bill Skarsgard will be again seen as the evil clown. The young cast members of the first movie will be a part of various flashback sequences, while the adult Losers will try to recover vital suppressed memories of how they had battled Pennywise the first time around.

IT: Part 2 is scheduled to release on September 6, 2019.