There Is One Huge Similarity Between Black Panther And Dragon Ball


Black Panther has not become the movie to beat in 2018. Marvel’s movie had debuted a week ago and has crushed box-office records. Millions have watched this movie, but the anime fans could not get one Black Panther baddie out of their minds.

The antagonist of Black Panther, Erik Killmonger had shaken thousands of fans, but the anime lovers had focused on him for a very different reason. This baddie, played by Michael B. Jordan has great charisma and an unending thirst for power.

And one fan has compared this villain to a very famous anime character. Vegeta might be an alien from the Saiyan race, but he does share fashion with Killmonger. The photos show that the Black Panther villain wears a costume which is comparable to the one that Vegeta sports. The men wear long-sleeved blue tops and vests. If Akira Toriyama had wanted to give Vegeta a much more realistic look, he would have chosen to suit up like Killmonger.

These characters hail from a royal bloodline, and they are both left jaded after their fathers’ death. Killmonger gains the power to exact revenge and Vegeta strives for power to overthrow Freeza.

Their quest for power is unending, and the two characters share a sense of pride. Vegeta is very attached to his code of honor, and Killmonger is pretty much same.

They will betray, cheat and kill in the name of getting power.