Pro bodybuilder Slaps disabled fan over obscure Star Wars threat


A muscular American bodybuilder has unleashed a great wave of abuse after he repeatedly slapped a fan with mental disabilities in the face, during a meet-and-greet event.

Rich Piana is a self-claimed steroid user, and he behaved like a terrible school bully when he met a fan who he felt had sabotaged his social media accounts.

Jason Genova is a bodybuilding fan himself, and he was repeatedly slapped in the face and head at Europa Games event in Orlando last week.

Genova has a considerable fan following on social media, and just when he moved in to meet Piana, the ex Mr. California called out to him over an “Order 66”, a vague reference to a Star Wars film.

“Order 66” took place in the 2005 Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith film, which showed clones take on their Jedi masters and kill them.

Genova admitted to delivering “Order 66” on Piana to his social followers, who had wreaked havoc on the professional bodybuilder’s social media profiles.

The heavily tattooed, tanned Piana with his rippling muscles, wearing a black muscle shirt has been relentless in hurting Genova.

First, the duo posed for photographs before Piana told Genova to be ready for a slap battle as a punishment for the “Order 66.”

“I feel like I gotta do something back to you to get back at you,” Piana says, telling Genova to “slap him around a little bit on camera.”

Piana then proceeded to rapidly unleash 12 fast left and right open hand slaps which made Genova stumble backward, and it left him, and the crowd baffled.

When the footage of the incident was shared on Genova’s YouTube account, it led to a furious backlash against Piana.

Piana later updated on his Facebook page:

“[Jason] admitted he was wrong and said he learned a valuable lesson and is no longer going to order 66 on people. He realizes that our social media is a valuable marketing tool we use for our business and our livelihood. We shook hands and hugged and everything is good.”

Later on, Genova asked his followers on Facebook to stop the infamous “order 66.