Shazam Actor Replied With A Picture To Destroy The ‘Hate’ That His Suit Got For Fake Muscles, Here’s What Happened


Comic book movie fans can be hypercritical when scrutinizing superhero costumes. So when we got our first glimpse at Zachary Levi’s Shazamfans were quick to criticize what appeared to be a padded muscle suit. Zachary Levi responded to those comments in a brilliant way, by letting fans know just how fake those muscles were.

Clearly, Zachary Levi has come a long way from playing Chuck years ago. There may be some post-production magic in Shazam! to make the actor look like he has the strength of Hercules, but it is clear that Zachary Levi is working out to achieve that super hero look.  Zachary Levi responded to a Twitter post showing him flexing his muscles, and also took on everyone’s claim of fake muscles, referring to the work he is putting in to achieve the necessary physique for the role. The diet for these superhero roles can’t be easy, so it’s nice for Zachary Levi to be able to show off the fruits of his labour.

Costume opinions arise all the time, but are often disproven in the final film. Zachary Levi was officially cast in late October 2017 and filming started at the end of January. That’s three months, time enough to change his physique from lanky to buff at a healthy gradual pace. Everyone’s body is different and putting on 30 pounds of muscle a short period of time to look like he’s drawn in the comics is basically impossible. An alternative would be to cast a bodybuilder. What matters most is Zachary Levi has made significant efforts towards achieving a superhero physique and the closer he gets to his goal body, the less movie magic will be required.

We now have the official logo of Shazam! but we’re still waiting for a proper image of  Zachary Levi in costume. Shazam! is the next DC movie to release after Aquaman releases this year. We are also looking forward to the first trailer. Shazam is a fun character that could really lighten up the dark tone for DC and do what Guardians of the Galaxy did for Marvel. Can hardly wait to see what David F. Sandberg has in store for us.

Shazam!  will release on April 5, 2019.