‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Merchandize Features Original Star Destroyer Design


One of the most appealing features of the new Star Wars films is that the fans get a whole new generation of starships to collect. Just like the last spinoff movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story is aiming to revisit the past for the new designs.

During the New York Toy Fair, Mattel unveiled new products based on the upcoming ships as a part of their Hot Wheels Star Wars toyline, and it had one design which was lifted straight from what Colin Cantwell had originally created for the Imperial Star Destroyer.

The newly unveiled Arrestor Cruiser, was presented to George Lucas as the design for the original cruiser. Cantwell revealed his concept to Lucas via Instagram, just before the toy’s unveiling at the Toy Fair.

What is interesting to know is that Cantwell shared the original design of the attack ships, which were later called the TIE Fighters. Apparently, the designs underwent some modifications and served as the inspiration for the Rebel Alliance’s A-Wing Starfighters.

Matter revealed another Empire ship’s design, which is the Imperial Hauler. It is visible in the trailer, but, was also leaked as a part of Solo concept art that was sold last year on eBay.

The Hauler seems to be a cargo ship used along with the Conveyex, the double-sided train which is seen flying across the mountains on the levitating track. It is known that Solo and Chewbacca will pull off a heist on the train in the upcoming movie, and they might either use or get into a battle with one of the Haulers.

Solo: A Star Wars Story releases on May 25th.