Star Wars Star, Mark Hamill Has Reassured His Fans That He Is Alive


After the actors and artists who had passed away in 2016 and 2017, people are now worried when a few names start floating around on social media. Star Wars legend, Mark Hamill had prompted a death scare and he nipped the rumor in the bud and debunked the claim.

Seeing the image pop up on anyone’s timeline can cause a double take. Star Wars fans are very weary after a year of Carrie Fisher’s death. And Hamill had fun with the hoax and poked at his political opponents.

This tweet had prompted a lot of barrage of fans, who did not read or expressed relief that Hamill debunked it.

When one of his fans had expressed their wish for Luke to return, another fan said that The Last Jedi would not be the last time that we see Luke. Hamill had added his character’s quote at the end of this exchange:

“See you around, kid.”

This is not a confirmation that Luke will return as a Force ghost but knowing that Hamill and his pretty penchant to hype up his fanbase, we would not bet against this. Given that this is Star Wars and Rian Johnson had set this possibility up given the inclusion of Yoda and Luke’s disappearance.

This is secondary to Hamill being alive, and the rumors were greatly exaggerated. It looks like this rumor comes up once a year, but Hamill is quick to let all the fans know that everything is fine.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is now being rumored to premiere on Digital HD by next month.