You Will Not Believe Who Is In Possession Of The Mind Stone


Marvel Comics recently put out their first part of the latest crossover event, Infinity Countdown Prime #1. This issue reveals into whose hands the six Infinity Stones are in. Many reveals had been expected or even known (Logan, Super Skrull, Captain Marvel), but there are some surprises.

One of these was the reveal of the event’s baddie: fans thought it would be The Magus, but it was Ultron. The other reveal was that The Mind Stone is with Turk Barrett.

Not everyone would recognize this name, but Turk has been in the MCU since the ’70s. Turk saw a resurgence in recent years, thanks to this character being the biggest constants in the Marvel Netflix Universe.

If not for the synergy between Marvel Comics and the MCU, this character probably would not be featured in Infinity Countdown. Due to the talent of Rob Morgan, Turk has become a breakout character.

Turk thinks that the Mind Stone is an asset for gambling and is oblivious to the fact that he is in possession of a huge, cosmic-sized, target. Other than Thanos, Ultron has his minions out looking out for the other Infinity Stones. Logan had to battle pretty hard and keep the Space Stone safe. Yes, it is very hard to imagine Turk lasting long with a cosmic gem like this.